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How to Remove a Stain from an Upholstered Chair

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It’s bound to happen. Stains on your furniture will appear. This is especially true if you regularly use your living room as a place to consume meals. Drinking coffee or sitting with a plate of spaghetti on your lap will, at some point, find a way to splatter onto the fabric of your chair. Once you notice the stain it’s best to attempt treatment immediately. If the stain has been there for an extended period of time the measures needed to remove it will require more than just a spray can of off-the-shelf upholstery cleaner. A professional upholstery cleaning for that stain on your chair performed by ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration in Cleveland is your greatest resource for such a problem.

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If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of spilling on your favorite chair, you know the sudden shot of fear that strikes you when the incident occurs. You may be getting up to grab something to drink or just sitting there casually when it happens. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration recommends you immediately spot treat the area so the stain has a lesser opportunity to set-in. If the stain is found sometime after it was put there and has set-in, your best action is to have an upholstery cleaning service performed by a professional here in Cleveland. There’s no better choice than ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration for all your upholstery cleaning service needs.

If a stain appears on the upholstery of your favorite chair, or any furniture, and removing it yourself appears fruitless, then reach out to the most reliable, client-centric, professional upholstery cleaning service in Cleveland. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration specialize in upholstery cleaning with friendly service. With the use of specialized equipment and cleaning agents, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration offers customers cleansed upholstery unlike anyone else. Reach out to ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration today by phone, email, or in person if you find that stain on your favorite chair irremovable, ugly, and irritating.

Don’t forget: ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services also does water damage restoration in Cleveland, Berea, Westlake, Strongsville, and Rocky River, OH. From water in your basement to full flood restoration, we can help you with it all! Contact us today at 440.816.1376.

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