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Why Water Damage Restoration is Crucial to a Healthy Home in Cleveland, OH

When you notice water seeping into your home, even the slightest amount of water, do not take it lightly. It’s unbelievable how much damage water can actually do to your home’s structure, furniture, and more. Water may seem harmless in small amounts, but don’t let that fool you. Water damage of any size or extensiveness in Cleveland, OH can be extremely damaging to the interior and exterior of your home. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services are here to help you prevent water damage and restore your home when water damage strikes.

mold on basement floor

Mold is one of the biggest problems homeowners face when their home suffers water damage after a flood, storm, or accident. Infestations of mold can lead to adverse health effects for your family and guests. The sooner you start cleaning up after water damage occurs, the sooner you can stop harmful mold growth and prevent its spread throughout your home.

If you see mold beginning to grow on your floors or furniture after a water damage event, make every effort to ensure it is cleaned away as soon as possible. Checking other areas of your home after water damage has occurred is crucial. After events like floods and storms, there’s no telling how many places water has seeped in and how many areas are affected. Drying is, by far, the most important aspect of removing excessive moisture. Use fans to dry out the affected areas of your home, and a dehumidifier can remove extra moisture.

For the best in water damage cleanup, call the experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services. While you can do your best to clean and dry your home and belongings after a water damage event, it’s a serious situation that experts should handle. Our professional water damage restoration team is the most careful and efficient team in Cleveland, OH.



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