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ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services located at 492 Geiger Street Berea, OH 44017

Commercial Fire Restoration Services

The goal of ServiceMaster Restore commercial fire restoration services is to minimize business disruptions and bring your establishment back to a safe and stable condition.

Evaluate Structural Safety

Of course the most important step in the process is ensuring that the building is safe to enter and begin work. Our experts are trained to identify signs of hazard after a fire has taken place.

Remove Contents of the Building

We carefully remove any items that you may need to keep your business operational to a remote location prior to removing debris. This approach keeps your belongings as clean and safe as possible, while also giving you the option to continue working elsewhere. Next, we clear out any charred items including carpets and floor coverings.

Cleaning and Restoring Normal Operation

After damaged items have been cleared out, our team can begin to treat affected surfaces for smoke and fire residue. This process eliminates odors and restores air quality. Finally, our team can help you return your belongings to their original location so that you can get back to work.

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